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Interactive Presentations

Regardless of how ingenious, innovative and life-changing your ideas might be, you won't be able to get the best price for your work unless you learn how to put them on paper (or laptop screen, for that matter) properly. Dull PowerPoint presentations are a nightmare for any audience and will seldom enable you to attain business success.

In this context, is there any hope for small and medium-size companies trying to transmit a meaningful written message to their business partners in the form of an interactive presentation, without annoying or boring them to death? Undoubtedly, fun, interesting, interactive multimedia presentations making the most of advanced technology and carefully selected content represent the best answer to this challenge.

Selecting the right tools for your multimedia presentation
Based on your needs and personal preferences, you could create a beautiful presentation using PowerPoint or Adobe Flash. The first option is ideal for novices; users can easily elaborate, verify and edit PowerPoint presentations until they obtain the desirable results. Flash is the perfect choice for those who want to create impressive presentations with incredible animations and then upload them directly on their webpages.

However, there are a few impediments which could eliminate the enthusiasm of businessmen trying to make their own interactive presentations: even those who have benefitted from an extensive training course realize that Flash can still hold back a few secrets. Moreover, this tool is rather expensive and this is perhaps the number one drawback discouraging the owners of small and medium size businesses. In these circumstances, hiring a digital marketing company to create the most interesting presentations for your clients, using your original ideas, seems to be an ideal solution, allowing you to save time and money.

How to create a flawless multimedia interactive presentation
Select the best ideas which are tailored to the needs and requirements of your clients and start highlighting their originality by using one of the two useful tools anteriorly described.

This would be the perfect time to measure your words: too few might mean that you’re superficial; too many will definitely bore your audience. Illustrate your creative concepts using animations, charts, pictures, and appropriate background music. Make sure there is an ideal balance between your content and the aesthetics of your multimedia presentation.

Reasons why you should ask for help with your interactive presentations
In some cases, you might not have the time, the tools or the inspiration required to create beautiful, interactive presentations. A company specialized in professional marketing and advertising services will take this burden off your shoulders, helping you structure your content, select the best images and videos, create unique animations and combine all these elements to come up with a cohesive whole serving your purpose.

Why should you contact Element 8?
With numerous satisfied clients operating in different fields of activity, Element 8 has the knowledge and the expertise required to take your interactive presentation to the next level. With Element 8 you can finally obtain those interesting, professional-looking PowerPoint presentations which you could never manage to create on your own, while consulting an impressive portfolio to identify new sources of inspiration. Element 8 brings your story to life, using advanced multimedia tools to support your specific business goals.

But regardless of how much has changed in the production process, a website’s success still hinges on just one thing: how users perceive it. “Does this website give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?” These are the questions that run through the minds of visitors as they interact with our products, and they form the basis of their decisions on whether to become regular users.

UX design is an amazing component, but it cannot, or will not, accomplish certain things.

User experience design won’t work in every situation for every user because, as human beings, we are all different. What works for one person might have the opposite effect on another. The best we can do is design for specific experiences and promote certain behaviors, but we can’t manufacture, impose or predict the actual experience itself.

And just as we can’t design a user experience, we can’t replicate the user experience for one website exactly on another website. User experiences will be different between websites. a design must be tailored to the goals, values, production process and products of its website.

You can’t determine the effectiveness of a user experience design based solely on statistics such as page views, bounce rates and conversion rates. We can make assumptions, and we can ask users for anecdotal evidence, but we can’t install an app (at least not yet) that automatically records user experience statistics directly.

User experience and usability have become synonymous, but these two fields are clearly distinct. UX addresses how a user feels when using a system, while usability is about the user-friendliness and efficiency of the interface.

Usability is big part of the user experience and plays a major role in experiences that are effective and pleasant, but then human factors science, psychology, information architecture and user-centered design principles also play major roles.