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Online Portals

Few people are actually aware of what a web portal is, what it does and what makes it different from a regular website. If asked to name a couple of web portals, perhaps most people would name MSN or Yahoo!, but they would be surprised to learn that Facebook or YouTube fall under the same category.

Think of it this way: a web portal is like some sort of Internet mega-encyclopedia. And no, we’re not talking only about Wikipedia, although that qualifies as a portal too. What differentiates a web portal from other websites is that it serves information. The primary purpose of web portals is to offer a centralized point of access to information found in various other parts on the Internet. They are more user friendly and visually appealing than a simple search engine and offer access to a wide array of different data and services, such as news and stock reports, email services, games and other applications.

Many of today’s most famous web portals started out as search engines, but over time developed highly customizable services to allow users access to the information they want in the most convenient manner. While retaining their search and navigation function, properly designed and managed web portals should also be able to provide personalization options ranging from the layout to the type of accessed content and notifications.

Some web portals also offer social networking services and online messaging, managing to bring together groups of people based on their shared interests and other things they may have in common, such as age, profession, location and so on.

Enhanced business opportunities
Did you know that web portals could be very useful to a business as well? Corporate or commerce portals on the web can be accessed by consumers and employees alike, which can aid a business’ transactions but also create efficient bookkeeping and inventory methods.

More specifically, a corporate web portal would allow employees with the right log in credentials to access the servers, data and documents of their business no matter where they are. Also, the portal could be customized to provide easy accessibility to customers, along with efficient solutions to their needs, therefore increasing their satisfaction and the chances of return visits in the future.

Developing a strong web portal is therefore an absolute must for all growing businesses interested in consolidating their presence online and drawing in more customers. This is why it is essential to find real web development specialists who can design a portal according to your specific needs.

Your web portal will serve as a business card in your relationship with current or potential customers, so make sure that you find a web design expert who can truly reflect the principles and goals of your business. Be ready to invest time and money in this project, keeping in mind that the right web developer can make the project pay off, with significant benefits for your business in the long run.