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The Unique

The main challenge was to represent Citizenship Invest through a dynamic, multi-lingual, highly functional, and clean website that commands authority and instills trust and reliability. From front-end development to system integration, and from content to UI/UX, every step was backed by in-depth research and proper strategies.


  • Investment


  • 2020


Platform & Scope of Work

  • UI / UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • customer journey Mapping
Citizenship Invest - Element8 Dubai

Case Study

The task was to revamp the CI website as a reliable and efficient service provider to high net worth individuals, from Dubai and neighboring countries, seeking second citizenship. Our primary goal was to position the client as a company that people can trust with huge amounts of their hard-earned money while reducing the bounce rate.

Our choices for key metrics were based on thorough research to communicate the right message effectively, with more than just words.

The Solutions

Continuous research, multiple ideas, and several discussions later, we succeeded in building a dynamic website through an effective blend of words and designs, brought together on the Django framework.

Furthermore, we leveraged several digital tools and modern UI/UX designs to create a user-friendly mobile-optimized website and decrease the bounce rate. Well, IT WORKED!

A user prefers a website that loads faster and is easy to use and navigate.

Expert-level development from front to back

The end goal of building and managing a website is to increase revenue and multiply conversions. We, at Element 8, understand this completely and every aspect of our entire process is directed towards driving conversions.

In-depth research at every stage, strategic use of key metrics, and a close eye on competitors led the way to create a responsive and engaging website for CI.

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